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Welcome to Try This Teaching

Thank you for visiting my toolkit. My name is Amjad Ali (@ASTSupportaali). I am the creator & curator of this FREE online toolkit of teaching and learning tips/resources/ideas/suggestions/activities and general inspiration for all 'types' of educators.

I maintain this toolkit, a peer to peer sharing platform to help spread effective teaching and learning methods across the world. My only aim for this toolkit to be a one stop 'shop' for educators of any subject/age/phase to be able to dip into and try some activities they can use to enhance the learning of their students.

Try This Teaching Toolkit

A teaching & learning toolkit for the agile teacher! See below for the latest ideas, or click to explore more!

TED Talks

Want to know what a TED talk actually is? Click here to read

Excellent Excel

Use Excel to save yourself time and effort marking and provi

English Everywhere

Click here to find a load of AQA GCSE English Resources!

What People Say

Testimonials about Amjad Ali


Lizzie Crean

"Trythisteaching has given me a multitude of ideas that I have easily tweaked to my own subject area. I can always find new ideas to trial. The diverse range of ideas means it is my go to place for new ideas!"

Bukky Yusuf

"This is one of my go to sites for teaching and learning ideas. I like the variety of activities and the wide range of contributors in this free toolkit. There is always something new and exciting to try out."

Vic Goddard

"Do yourself a favour and check out this website for pedagogical inspiration"

Stephen Drew

"Waited a long time to hear in person and as expected his presentation at is inspirational."

Ian Hartley

"If you are stuck in a planning nightmare you can always get inspiration from the toolkit, knowing the ideas work."

Tony Parkin

“And a veritable torrent of ideas from @ASTSupportAAli and his "Teaching/Learning toolkit of tips & ideas”

Mikel Garner

"the new home of the Cheney Agility toolkit and the work of the truly inspirational educator: Amjad Ali. Would highly recommend inviting him to talk at your school"  

Danielle Campos

“Lots of brilliant practical ideas from @ASTsupportAAli and his 'teaching toolkit'”

John Tait

“ Incredible amount of teaching strategies shared by @ASTsupportAAli at #NRocks this morning! Great job mate ”

Mrs Shah

CEO at Thimpress
“Best takeaways comes from @ASTsupportAAli - feeling very inspired!! ”

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