Below are some testimonials from people who have worked with or invited Amjad in to their schools/organisations or events. 

Stephen Tierney CEO of the BEBCMAT & Chair of @HeadsRoundTable & SSAT Vis2040.

Starter for ten - Generous, innovative and entertaining; Amjad’s Try This Teaching Toolkit website has a million plus image views from teachers all over the World. Sought after as a speaker he has inspired teachers, from across the country; enabling them to improve their teaching and pupils’ learning. Engaging and knowledgeable he has been a highlight at many TeachMeets and INSET days. His humane insightful approach to working with pupils who have additional needs is focused on giving all pupils the chance to shine and flourish. Alongside his work in schools, he co-founded to support teachers from different and diverse backgrounds into school leadership. Tireless, motivated and committed he’s a pleasure to work alongside.

Russel Tarr CPD Lead- Tolousse International School & Creator of Classtools.net

I first encountered Amjad at the BETT conference, where he delivered a TeachMeet presentation which packed half a dozen fantastic, practical ideas into the space of just a few minutes. On the basis of this I invited him to deliver a whole day of staff training to our combined primary and secondary staff out in the International School of Toulousse. This turned out to be one of the best events we have ever hosted: Amjad is a warm and personable presenter whose credibility as a classroom practitioner meant that his advice, ideas and resources struck an immediate chord with teachers eager above all else for practical tips on how to engage and educate their students in fresh, engaging and effective ways. Rather than try to persuade us that every idea would work in every circumstance, Amjad appreciates that different teachers and different classes have different requirements, so his philosophy of "try it out, adapt it, keep it or ditch it" was refreshing and inspiring. By the end of the day every teacher was able to leave feeling that there were several ideas that they could immediately try out with their students. On this basis I have no hesitation in recommending him as an excellent investment for any school looking for effective, high-impact staff training.

Optimus Education James Allen, Senior Conference Producer

Amjad Ali has delivered both keynotes and workshop sessions across a wide portfolio of teaching and learning events for Optimus.

Receiving consistently excellent feedback from delegates, Amjad is able to provide a huge amount of practical strategies and take home advice in an engaging, thought provoking and interactive manner. Delegates have commented regularly on Amjad’s enthusiasm and passion for education and he is always an asset to any conference he speaks at.

Angela Martino Assistant Headteacher- Broxbourne Academy- Teaching and Learning

I first met Amjad at a Teachmeet and thought he was really inspiring. His delivery of practical tips in the classroom was engaging and refreshing. I came away with so many ideas that I could trial straight away. I was so impressed with his energy and enthusiasm that I arranged for him to deliver INSET at my school which he duly delivered. His preparation and presentation was outstanding. On a dark, dreary Thursday afternoon Amjad was able to captivate an audience of 80 members of staff for an hour and a half! His presentation was packed with so many practical ideas and his delivery was so authentic- this is someone who knows the daily challenges facing every classroom teacher. Staff came away feeling revitalised and keen to try something new in their classroom. They have found the plethora of ideas and resources in his online toolkit really useful. I can't recommend him enough and look forward to hearing him again.

Peter Lee Head Teacher of Q3 Academy Langley

We booked Amjad for a full day of inset in April '15 and he certainly didn't disappoint ! Combining humour, warmth and professionalism he provided an excellent session packed full of activities that could be used the next day in the classroom. Amjad also allowed staff to reflect on their own practice and provided opportunities for discussion around current education issues. Fully recommend - we will be booking him again soon!

Vic Goddard Principal- Passmores Academy

I have known Amjad for a few years now through the amazing sharing of resources and ideas he was doing online. Having now had the pleasure of meeting and working with Amjad I can only offer a glowing report on his passion, knowledge and approach. I am looking forward to working with Amjad by booking him in to Passmores to help improve even further on the range of techniques used.

British Council E-Twinnings Events

Workshop participants wrote:

“Lots of really practical stuff for the classroom – great”; “Great ideas presented at a good pace and referenced to see later”; “Terrific workshop with very practical and relevant tips and techniques useful to improving teaching and learning in schools”; “Absolutely excellent workshop, excellent speaker and content”; “Amjad's tips were spot on and he was a very charismatic presenter. I was hooked and impressed for the hour!”, “An excellent, engaging speaker with lots of ideas”; “Engaging, interactive, full of excellent ideas and resources. Refreshing!”, “Well presented – clear, practical applications”; “Made me wish I was back in the classroom!”; “Thanks Amjad for sharing teaching tips and useful resources. Felt very inspired after this session. I returned to school and used some of these resources straight away”; “Really good content, nice pace and loads to explore later. Very generous teacher to share all his materials”; “Absolutely first class - so practical and useful”; “Excellent pace and delivery, good context and great resources shared”; “Simply one of the best workshop with so many ideas to use”; “Really enjoyed this and plan to share this information with my schools” “Superb delivery of useful tips and tricks”.

Mary Myatt School Adviser and Author

Amjad is a highly effective teacher, trainer and writer. His resources are a model of clarity and are enormously helpful to colleagues. He is a brilliant collaborator of ideas which he shares generously with others. He is a highly energetic trainer, ensuring delegates leave with great ideas to develop their practice.

Cherryl Drabble Assistant Head Teacher and SLE

I have had the pleasure of knowing Amjad for a number of years and can genuinely say that he is one of the most generous teachers you will ever meet. Amjad is generous with his time, his knowledge and his innovative ideas and resources. Part of Amjad's AHT role is to co ordinate SEND provision in his school. He is knowledgeable about all things relating to SEND and often blogs on this aspect of his role. He shares his power points and resources he makes for SEND on his free teaching and learning Toolkit and invites others to contribute to the knowledge base. Amjad is an authoritative addition to the collective voice relating to SEND and often joins in debates regarding inclusion with passion. After attending one of Amjad's training workshops I came away with new knowledge. He is a pleasure to work with, to share ideas and to converse with.

Tracey Jane Smith Head Teacher and NLE for River Learning Trust
I knew Amjad to be a Secondary teacher, but after seeing him presenting at a Teachmeet, I knew he would be able to offer something to our school, a rapidly-improving primary. He has led more than one fantastic INSET session for us, inspiring us with new ideas and fresh approaches for teaching outstanding lessons. Amjad has been able to add to every class teacher's toolbox and helped to improve pupil engagement across the school. Understanding the mindset of harder-to-reach pupils is a great strength of his and impact of his training is still evident in our school 2 years on.
Wendy Lewis Churchmead Church of England School

Amjad has a vibe about him that makes what he says and what you he is talking about very interesting indeed. The information he provides is valid and Amjad delivers with conviction. He is very knowledgeable, assured and relevant with the information he gives. A very positive and focused individual - Amjad is a star!

The staff valued the cross department ideas and all left feeling enthused and engaged. We were also able to track and monitor the impact of Amjad's sessions for many learning walks after the INSET day. After our first whole day session with Amjad, we have had him back in again and are booking him in further too for 2017!

Kathleen Sorrell Deputy Head- St Ignatius Secondary School

Amjad was booked in a for a whole day to support the Head of Law and Citizenship after we reviewed our Citizenship provision, delivery and approach. He brought lots of ideas to the table and was not shy to roll up his sleeves and get stuck into the planning. He followed up on this with practical strategies on how to embed the new long term approach. A year later when reviewed through student voice, students rated Citizenship highly and staff delivering the content were secure in what to do and where to go for more support. A real success. 

Imran Khan Assistant Principal, Shire Oak Academy- Quality of Teaching&Learning and CPD

I knew of Amjad through his social media presence and was very interested to see him in action. Amjad's style of delivery is fantastic. He delivered truly inspirational ideas in a way that was meaningful to our staff. The event was perfectly pitched and executed with enthusiasm and humour. The most important thing was that he is still a classroom practitioner and that went a long way. 6 weeks down the line we are still seeing the ideas he gave being used in lessons. This was the first guest speaker that we had had at the academy for many years and I would easily recommend him.

Martin Burrett UKEd Magazine and Director of Digital Resourcing at UKEdChat.

Amjad is one of the most generous educators I know. He is selfless with his time, knowledge, advice, expertise and resources, not only with the pupils that he devotes his teaching time to, nor just for the teachers within his own school, but with the wider educational community. His website is a treasure trove of ideas and resources ready for teachers to use and adapt for their own lessons and his Social Media challenges are essential viewing for teachers of all levels and experience. I have listened to Amjad present on many occasions, including at Northern Rocks in Leeds, on main stage at the BETT Arena in London, and at Teachmeets around the country. He is an exceptional speaker and popular at educational conferences and events. His seminars are a whirlwind of ideas and practical strategies for his audience to use in their own classrooms. Amjad has hosted and organised numerous events which are always popular fixtures in the educational events calendar. Teachmeet Oxford is an established and popular yearly event hosted and organised by Amjad. He also hosted Teachmeet BETT, which is the largest event of its type in the world and compèred the popular TeachMeet London. He is a respected and innovative member of the online teaching community who is active with the UKEdChat community, one of the largest hubs of UK Educators on social media, a key player is the BAME Education network which campaigns of diversity issues and constantly striving to improve the professional development opportunities for everyone.

Graham Irwin Teach Meet Organiser

I first came across Amjad through his postings on Twitter, encouraging practitioners to share and experiment with ideas but always with collaboration at the heart of his message. Having been impressed with his efforts to organise the excellent it was an obvious next step to book him to deliver the keynote at our own Teachmeet the following summer. His passion, enthusiasm and engaging presentation style generated a real buzz amongst our staff, with insightful and energising suggestions that staff were only too keen to implement in their lessons. Amjad reignited the willingness amongst our staff to be open to new ideas and consider how they can feed off the experiences and practices of colleagues on a regular basis. I cannot recommend Amjad himself, his enthusiasm nor his approach to developing teaching & learning enough.

Jolie Kirby Head Teacher- Cheney School

Amjad has led really effective and engaging staff training. His knowledge of teaching and learning particularly in engagement of vulnerable learners is valued by teachers and support staff and moves forward practice because the examples he provides are practical and tested. I recommend him as someone who has credibility as a classroom practitioner who will provide really useful top tips to make a difference to students learning in all classrooms.