🌟 For years, I’ve been on a mission to light up assemblies and workshops for students of all ages – and I’m ready to bring the excitement to your school! Whether it’s virtually or face-to-face, Fridays is when this can happen. I’m your go-to for engaging assemblies across all year groups, plus I can spice things up with workshops, student panels, and even visits to your student council.

But hold onto your hats, because there’s more! Continuing into 2024, I’m unleashing a fresh lineup of topics to ignite minds and inspire action:

πŸ“š Revision and Exam Prep: Say goodbye to study stress and hello to top-notch tips for acing those exams!

🌈 Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: Let’s celebrate our differences and build a world where everyone feels valued and respected.

🀝 Peer-on-Peer Abuse: It’s time to tackle tough topics head-on and create a safe, supportive environment for all students.

πŸ’ͺ Motivation and Success: Get ready to unlock your full potential and soar to new heights of achievement!

Ready to make some magic happen? Drop me a line, and let’s chat about how we can tailor these sessions to fit your school’s needs perfectly. Your students’ journey to success starts here! πŸš€