Since I co-founded The BAMEed Network and been a passionate advocate for issues around racism, I have been writing blogs here and I have been working with numerous Schools, Organisations, Governing Bodies and Local Authorities on developing and enhancing their knowledge, experience and insight on matters surround equality, diversity and inclusion.

What might this work look like:

We understand and draw evaluations of life through our perspectives and lived experiences. However, there are many elements that fall outside of our zone of experience and need addressing. So what can you do? In Amjad’s sessions he will focus on the protected characteristic of Race. The aim ultimately is to educate colleagues and make them more racially literate. Amjad’s sessions will build capacity to facilitate learning, thinking and discussions about racial equity in schools and your organisation, to develop confidence in your own understanding of racial equity, and to increase confidence to have conversations with others about race.

This work can be carried out virtually, twilights, or face to face CPD.

Session Content:

Whether you are ‘Preparing yourselves and your colleagues for racial equity work in school’? Or ‘Building the foundations for racial equity work in school’? Allow me to deliver my sessions on…

Uncomfortably Comfortable Conversations about Race:

Either you can arrange a 3 part series of workshops or I can deliver Keynotes, Workshops in conferences or at HeadTeacher/Senior Leader briefings. Sessions include:
  • Session 1:

Self Reflection on our understanding of oppression and racism- Organise, Normalise, Standardise
  • Session 2:

Implications of personal learning for engaging with colleagues in school – how to facilitate discussions/ learning/thinking of colleagues further
  • Session 3:

Further actions and feedback from engagement with colleagues in school: What’s going well? Even better if…? Challenges? Sessions should last a minimum of 1.5-2 hours, or a whole day CPD day.

Typically Pre-Reading is sent in advance of each session with the signposting of resources for all attendees, with Gap Tasks set and supported with between sessions too.