From September 2018-2019 I will be offering a 5 full/1/2 day package which will involve evidence informed guidance, suggestions and take away ideas for teachers to use and develop into effective practitioners.

I will be delivering these INSETs through personal experiences and learning from the 100s of teachers, leaders and authors I have interacted with over the years.

The sessions delivered will cover the following themes:

  • Planning/Assessment/Subject Knowledge Development
  • SEND/Inclusion
  • Behaviour and Relationship Management
  • Marking/Feedback/Well Being
  • T&L ideas / Becoming more evidence informed

The days will be delivered across the academic year on a Monday in

  • Peterborough
  • Cardiff
  • Dorset
  • Cambridge

If you are interested in attending or running this program in your area. Get in touch!

The order of the programme can we worked based on your needs.

OUTLINE: Effective Teacher Programme: 

Session 1- Teaching and Learning Ideas- Becoming more Evidence Informed

  • Teachers will leave the day having reflected on their own practice after considering key research informed principles to make their teaching more effective.

  • Research in education will be explored giving useful insights on how to fully equip oneself with an arsenal of evidence informed practice.

  • Teachers will also be given low effort, high impact classroom ideas applicable for any subject, age or phase.


Session 2- SEND, Pupil Premium and Inclusion; Who, What, Where, Why and When!

  • Teachers will be given a detailed breakdown of key SEND related Teaching and Learning practices to enable all teachers to teach to the top and scaffold down.

  • Key SEND diagnosis will be explored in more detail to give teachers a greater understanding of the difficulties students face.

  • Pupil Premium as a label will be explored looking at innovative and effective strategies used by schools nationwide to help diminish the difference.


Session 3- Behaviour and Relationship Management/Building

  • Teachers will explore the core principles behind building effective behaviour management routines.

  • The day will consider different methods of relationship building and how a to build a whole school approach to effective Behaviour Management.


Session 4- Marking versus Feedback; Effective Wellbeing for all staff

  • Teachers will explore the difference between marking for errors and marking for mistakes.

  • A range of alternatives to conventional marking methods will be explored.

  • The day will also allow for a variety of Staff Wellbeing ideas shared that have made big impacts to schools across the World.


Session 5- Effective Planning and Subject Knowledge Development.

  • The day will contain a number of planning methods that teachers can use to help inform their practice.

  • Threshold concepts and long, medium and short term planning will be explored to allow for effective assessment methods.

  • Subject Specific resources will also be shared!