In September 2018-2019 I ran a trial of offering a 5 full or 1/2 day package which involved evidence informed guidance, suggestions and take away ideas for teachers to use and develop into effective practitioners.

The programme was launched in Peterborough, Dorset and Cambridge.

Amjad is leading his Effective Teacher Programme this year for Dorset Teaching School Alliance (DTSA) — a partnership of 12 first schools, 3 middle schools and a studio school, along with a special and upper school. Our priority is to offer continuous, high quality professional learning for our teachers. Amjad’s personalised programme meets these requirements and more. Amjad is an engaging, knowledgeable CPD leader is who is supremely flexible, adapting his approach and focus according to our specific needs. ‘I could listen to Amjad all day.’ (Feedback from one of Amjad’s training sessions for DTSA). Amjad is articulate and presents well thought out, evidence informed ideas from the critical perspective of a highly effective practising teacher. For us, this is key to Amjad’s success – teachers leave Amjad’s training inspired by new ideas and feel able to use them the very next day to change their practice. 

Amjad has been booked in for another 3 whole days for 2019-2020!

Tim Ennion- Deputy Headteacher and Teaching School lead for DTSA.

We asked Amjad to come in and deliver his Effective Teacher Programme over the course of the academic year with our RQTs, at the City of Peterborough Academy. The sustainability of the model as it is over the academic year is key to those teachers developing their practice via a non-obtrusive and supportive pathway. Amjad’s support is second to none, and the teachers he is working with have been nothing but complimentary of his support and guidance in developing their practice. Amjad has also started to work with our Heads of Department and leadership team as we look to embed support and development of teaching through all levels of leadership.

Ben Pearce, Deputy Head Teacher at City of Peterborough Academy.

I have been delivering these sessions by amalgamating and evaluating personal experiences and learning from the 100s of teachers, leaders and authors I have interacted with over the years.

The sessions delivered covered the following themes:

  1. Planning/Assessment/Subject Knowledge Development
  2. SEND/Inclusion
  3. Behaviour and Relationship Management
  4. Marking/Feedback/Well Being
  5. T&L ideas / Becoming more evidence informed

In September 2019 the days I delivered an *updated* programme by involving a ‘Leading on Effective Teacher’ element.

If you are interested in me running a 2020-2021 cohort in your area then do get in touch! (I can offer these on a Friday.)

The order of the programme can we worked based on your needs.

Suggested OUTLINE:

Effective Teacher Programme


Leading on Effective Teaching Programme

Session 1- Teaching and Learning Ideas- Becoming more Evidence Informed

  • Teachers will leave having reflected on their own practice after considering key research informed principles to make teaching more effective.
  • Research in education will be explored giving useful insights on how to fully equip oneself with an arsenal of evidence informed practice.
  • Teachers will also be given low effort, high impact classroom ideas applicable for any subject, age or phase.

Session 2- SEND, Pupil Premium and Inclusion; Who, What, Where, Why and When!

  • Teachers will be given a detailed breakdown of key SEND related Teaching and Learning practices to enable all teachers to teach to the top and scaffold down.
  • Key SEND diagnoses will be explored in more detail to give teachers a greater understanding of the difficulties students face.
  • Pupil Premium as a label will be explored looking at innovative and effective strategies used by schools nationwide to help diminish the difference.

Session 3- Behaviour and Relationship Management/Building

  • The day will consider different methods of relationship building and how a to build a whole school approach to effective Behaviour Management.
  • Teachers will explore the core principles behind building effective behaviour management routines.
  • Teachers will reflect on their language and the Anchoring Effect.

Session 4- Marking versus Feedback; Effective Wellbeing for all staff

  • Teachers will explore the difference between marking for errors and marking for mistakes.
  • A range of alternatives to conventional marking methods will be explored.
  • The day will also allow for a variety of Staff Wellbeing ideas shared that have made big impacts to schools across the World.

Session 5- Effective Planning and Subject Knowledge Development.

  • The day will contain a number of planning methods that teachers can use to help inform their practice.
  • Threshold concepts and long, medium and short term planning will be explored to allow for effective assessment methods.Subject Specific resources will also be shared!

Remember, I can personalise this to your needs, and happy to make this a part of your school, MAT or TSA offer.