One of the most popular INSETs Amjad delivers is entitled "Try and Refine."

The day involves:

Session 1: 

What is Quality First Teaching and what does this look like in a classroom? This gives all attendees a chance to reflect on their current practice in a non-threatening, non-judgemental way. It will spark thoughts and changes.

Amjad will ask attendees to consider what a classroom looks like...

  • Where everybody is learning?
  • Where lessons are challenging?
  • Where everybody has an opportunity to learn?

Amjad will provide take away strategies to turn Quality First Teaching into practice. Amjad will also look at evidence informed strategies to make lessons more effective.

Session 2: 

Amjad will then provide examples of strategies to engage and inspire our students based on ideas from He will leave all staff with,

  • Ideas to Try and Refine
  • Low effort and high impact suggestions
  • Practical ideas for all subjects, irrespective of age range of teacher

Session 3:

Department Time to reflect, Amjad will provide a

  • Directed task provided to allow time to build on learning from first two sessions
  • Opportunity to plan short, medium and long term goals based on learning from the INSET
  • Separate session for support Staff/Teaching Assistants coaching if required, during departmental time.

Session 4: 

Internal TeachMeet- Amjad will host and facilitate an internal sharing of ideas. Staff will,

  • Share and model best practice as a school
  • Demonstrating the effectiveness of a shared approach to learning

Session 5:

Review and reflection- Amjad will close the day summarising the key learning and actions!