One of the most popular INSETs Amjad delivers is entitled "Try and Refine."

The day involves:

Session 1:

What is Quality First Teaching and what does this look like in a classroom? 

  • Where everybody is learning?
  • Where lessons are challenging?
  • Where everybody has an opportunity to learn?

Take away strategies to turn Quality First Teaching into practice


Session 2:

Examples of strategies to engage and inspire our students based on ideas from

  • Ideas to Try and Refine
  • Low effort and high impact suggestions
  • Practical ideas for all subjects


Session 3:

Department Time to reflect

  • Directed task provided to allow time to build on learning from first two sessions
  • Support Staff/Teaching Assistants coaching/training offered during this time


Session 4: 

Internal TeachMeet

  • Share and model best practice as a school
  • Demonstrating the effectiveness of a shared approach to learning


Session 5:

Review and reflection

  • Opportunity to plan short, medium and long term goals based on learning from the INSET