Are you interested in your Teaching Assistants, Support Staff, Learning Mentors and other key adults who have a responsibility of providing academic provision to your students receiving high quality CPD?

Then look no further! Being a practising SENCO and Inclusion lead, I have delivered CPD to support staff for many years.

I have designed a whole day/ half day and twilight package for schools to help.

The CPD will cover:

  • Scaffolding Techniques– how do we challenge up tasks and break them down to make the learning the key area rather than task completion.
  • Questioning Techniques– how do we vary the way instructions and challenges are presenting to revert away from learned helplessness.
  • Note taking Techniques– how do we get students to record key information without having to miss out by not being able to keep up.

If you are interested in me delivering this CPD, then do get in touch.

I realise that many schools do not have enough people to be able to get an external trainer in for a small group. So I am proposing to pick a location, (I will travel anywhere,) a host school (to provide printing and tea/coffee costs,) and have many schools come together to receive this training together. For a price per head fee. The host school, will get some free places.