Try This Teaching Technical Rider: Rooming: The room needs to be large enough for delegates to be seated around table groups. Amjad needs to be able to get around to speak to all of the delegates with ease. It is important that Amjad has as large a space as possible for training days as activities tend to be practical! If you are in any doubt about the rooming/space that is required, please contact Ideally the room will have natural light. Rooms with fixed seating e.g. computer rooms, science labs etc are not suitable.   Room layout for workshops: The room should be arranged with delegates in table groups of 5-8 with the chairs turned to face the front of the room. Please do not seat delegates with their backs to Amjad.  A horseshoe around each table is preferable.  Lecture style seating arrangements are not suitable for this type of training. You may choose to create a seating plan to mix up faculty/department groups. The discussions between groups are always more intriguing when people with different perspectives can share ideas.   NB: Amjad will require two tables, one at the front of the room (for notes, computer etc) and one at the side of the room (to display and share information).   Audio visual equipment: If Amjad can arrive, plug a memory stick into your laptop that is connected to a screen/data projector, internet and sound it guarantees a smooth start to the day.  
  1. Data projector and screen
Amjad does not carry data projectors with him but will come with a laptop if you do not have one available.
  1. Flipchart, pad and pens
  1. Sound
With groups of 75 and over Amjad may need a radio microphone. For venues where the acoustics are poor, for instance sports halls or low ceiling conference suites, a microphone may also be used with smaller groups. The venue will need to provide a PA for the microphone to be plugged into.   Please advise if the laptop may be plugged into the PA Amjad may use video clips that have sound. If you do not have this facility Amjad will bring our own amplified speakers to plug into the laptop. Amjad will need to be informed of this prior to the booking.   Assistance: Assistance with transporting equipment may be required on arrival and on departure.   Drinks: Please could you provide Amjad with cold water and tea or coffee.   Resources: Delegates will need to be provided with pens and paper.