TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Thank you for choosing to work with Amjad Ali. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully; sign and date, then return to info@trythisteaching.com to secure your booking. We endeavour to make these details as simple and as clear as possible to ensure clarity, transparency and fairness for both parties. BOOKING DETAILS:
Contact name: Role:
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Agreed date(s):
  • Services:
  • Accommodation costs:
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    1. 50% of ALL invoice payments are due within 30 days from the date of the contract being received. Signature will secure your date and an invoice will be sent on receipt.
    1. Payment can be made online using Paypal or by BACS (direct bank transfer). I also accept cheques made payable to Amjad Ali. 
  1. In the event of non-payment 30 days after the event, a second invoice will be issued after 15 days with a 10% surcharge added.
    1.      Cancel more than two (2) months prior to the agreed date =        75% refund
    1.      Cancel 2 months to 1 month prior to the agreed date =        25% refund
  1.      Cancel less than 1 month prior to the agreed date=        Payment is due in full.
    1. If it is more than two (2) months before the training day and you wish to move the date, you can do so without charge. Alternative arrangements will be dependent on diary availability, but every effort will be made to accommodate request.
    1. For postponement requests that are between 2 months and 1 month before the training date, there will be a 25% charge of the training fee, plus any travel or accommodation costs that are not recoverable.
  1. It is not possible to postpone training less than one month before the agreed date.
POLICY: It is Amjad’s policy to treat his clients as our most valuable asset. Experienced in the field, Amjad know’s how important training is to a school / organisation. It is for that single reason, Amjad takes his work seriously and pride himself on high quality content and delivery. STRIKE ACTION: In the event of postponement due to strike action, Amjad reserves the right to substitute delivery and move the date to a mutually convenient date. If the day that you have booked is likely to be affected by strike action, we allow emergency postponement of the day if:
    1. More than 50% of the delegates have been told by the Union not to attend, and
    1. You inform Amjad Ali, more than 48 hours before the day, and
  1. The strike action is legal and endorsed by the relevant union, and
SEVERE ADVERSE WEATHER: In the event of postponement due to severe adverse weather, we reserve the right to substitute delivery and move the date to a mutually convenient date. If the training day you have booked is affected by adverse weather, we will allow emergency postponement of the day if:
    1. You inform Amjad Ali at least 24 hours before the training is due to start, and
    2. The organisation  is closed, or if staff turnout is expected to be less than 50% of normal, and
SUPPLY: We undertake to supply you with the services, online resources and training described on our website.  If we are delivering on-site training, there will always be a plan that is mutually agreed prior to the event, and we will execute the training according to this plan. Please ensure you have read our Technical Rider which explains room layout and what technical equipment will be needed in order to provide high-quality training. Requests for sample material will usually be dispatched by email within 72 hours. GUARANTEE: In the light of these terms and conditions, Amjad believes that we can unequivocally guarantee your total satisfaction with our products and services. Your statutory rights under the current consumer protection laws are not affected. AUDIO/VIDEO RECORDINGS: You are not permitted to make any recordings (audio or video) of Amjad providing INSET, unless agreed in advance.  If you have a good reason why you need to make a recording, please contact Amjad well in advance of the training day to discuss. DATA AND PRIVACY: We shall treat any personal information you provide to us as confidential. We use your personal information only for processing your orders and, if you consent, to notify you of courses, new publications and news relating to Try This Teaching which may be of interest to you. There are no circumstances under which this information might be passed to a third party. COMPLAINTS: If you have a concern or complaint about the products and/or services, security or privacy in connection with anything to do with Teacher Toolkit, the first step is to contact Amjad on info@trythisteaching.com we will take steps to immediately resolve the problem.  Amjad takes pride in his customer service and take any complaints very seriously. LAW AND JURISDICTION: Any contract made between us and our clients is governed by and has to be interpreted under English Law, and such contract will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. SIGNED AGREEMENT: If you have questions, please do contact us by email: info@trythisteaching.com. Please also take a close look at the Technical Rider to ensure high-quality deliver on both parts; make a copy and return. Yours faithfully, Amjad Ali _________________________________________________________________________
By signing TERMS AND CONDITIONS- Amjad Ali- TTT document, you confirm that we agree to the dates and fees detailed above, and that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of this document. On receipt of this document, an invoice will be shared with you to secure the date and terms and conditions.
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