Please read on for a little bit of information about my upcoming book:

I am due to join in the Little Guide For Teachers series by SAGE Publishing focussing on Special Educational Needs.


I have written about my views on SEND and explaining how, through the experience of mine and others that have worked in the classroom with a variety of students, we can best serve students with SEND in our lessons and schools.

I will keep the book simple; a guide, signposting, inspiring and a one stop shop for the ever increasingly tired teacher.

I never imagined I would be approached by publishing companies and be ‘highly recommended’ by people such as Sir Tim Brighouse! I am still, completely blown away, thinking a publisher (I still have a contract with Crownhouse Publisher for my Teaching Toolkit book too- that is still a work in progress,) must have made a mistake somewhere and I am still completely over the moon by one thing mainly, which is, I think, and I hope that I have made my mum proud and I have made my Dad feel like them dedicating their entire lives to their children was worth it.

I can’t do what the first generation economic immigrants did when they came to this country in the 60s. I will never be able to replicate their work ethic, their tenacity and resilience. But, I can do things to say thank you.

Thank you Mum and thank you Dad. Even, if I only sell one copy, giving that printed book to them will make it all worth it.

I am also super proud that I will be joining an amazingly small pool of BAME educators that have had their books published. Watch this space!